About IBS

About International Business Strategies

International Business Strategies prepares businesses for global and local challenges through consulting services, market research and seminars. 

Delivering primary and secondary market research, and strategic analysis, International Business Strategies enables management to develop and achieve objectives in the U.S. and internationally. Projects have included  financial software, disease management services, pharmaceuticals, financial services, imaging and motion sensing technology, tourism, telecommunications, factory automation and information systems, consumer products and other industrial products.

IBS has launched a market research information website at www.internationalbusinessstrategies.com. Over 4,000 reports are loaded on the IBS website. In addition to the current market research reports on the website, an archive of over 5,000 reports published prior to September 2001 can be searched upon client request.

In preparation of executives for international assignments, International Business Strategies provides seminars and training which focus participants on key international and cross-cultural aspects of doing business in a global context.

Based in the Washington D.C. area, and with associates world-wide, IBS draws on a wealth of resources to meet the needs of IBS clients. The IBS network of marketing and business consultants assures IBS clients of specialized and cost effective market research and consulting services.


 International Business Strategies
 President and CEO
email: leroymiller@internationalbusinessstrategies.com

            Dr. Miller established International Business Strategies in 1982 to provide business and market research for managers who are developing and achieving domestic and international objectives.
            He has completed strategic analysis and market research studies in the
United States and Canada, South America, Europe and Asia. Topics have included financial software, healthcare, pharmaceuticals and disease management services, IP and ISDN videoconferencing services, Location Based Services, factory automation and information systems, financial services, imaging and motion sensing technology, environmental technology, tourism, and other consumer and industrial products and services.
            Since 1983 Dr. Miller has led seminars on cross-cultural, regional and global business issues. Senior and mid-level management from  GM,  Northern Telecom, PPG,  Goodyear, AT&T International, General Dynamics,  Xerox, Boeing and other US companies have  participated  in these seminars.