Information Technology and Communications in Colombia - March 2015
Information Technology and Communications  in Colombia - March 2015
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    Table 1: WEF Network Readiness Index for Colombia in 2013
    Table 2: Breakdown of ITC Revenues by Telecommunications and Information Technologies 2002-2012 (Billion Colombian Pesos- COP)
    Table 3: Evolution of ITC Sector Income and % of GDP 2005-2012 (pesos billions)
    Table 4: IT Sector Revenues by Category 2003 an 2011 (%)
    Table 5: Breakdown of ITC Services Sales in 2012:
    Table 6: Colombian Imports of IT Services 2010-2012 (US$ Mill.)
    Table 7: Colombia’s Income Demographics (left) and Broadband Subscribers (right)
    Table 8: Colombian International Trade in IT Equipment - Colombian Imports of IT Goods (HS8471): Year over Year as of October 2013 (US$ Mill.)
    Table 9: Colombian Imports of IT Goods (HS8471) by Country 2011-2013 (US$ Millions)
    Table 10: Total Value of Exports of IT Products to Colombia by Country 2012-2013 (US$ Mill.)
    Government of Colombia Policies on IT
    Best Prospects
    Telecommunications and the U.S. - Colombia FTA
    General Overview
    Table 11: Fixed Telephony Line Penetration by 100 inhabitants 2010-2012
    Table 12: Percentage of Population with Television Subscription by type of Service 2010-2012
    Telecommunications and the FTA
    Key Contacts

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