Agricultural Sectors in Chile - July 2012
Agricultural Sectors in Chile - July 2012
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    Table of Contents

    Food Processing
    Food Ingredients for Food Processing Sector
    Table 1: Advantages and Challenges Facing U.S. Food Ingredients in Chile
    Process Food Sector by Specialization
    Red Meat and Poultry
    Table 2: Red Meat and Poultry Market Size (tons)
    Main Importers/Suppliers
    Table 3: Main Suppliers of Beef (USD FOB and Volume (Kg)
    Table 4: Main Suppliers of Pork (USD FOB and Volume (Kg)
    Table 5: Main Suppliers of Poultry (USD FOB and Volume (Kg)
    Edible Fish and Seafood Products
    Table 6: Main Seafood Producers (USD FOB and Volume (Kg)
    Prepared Fruit, Prepared Vegetables, Oilseed Products
    Table 7: Frozen Fruit Exporters (2010) (USD FOB and Volume (Kg)
    Table 8: Canned Fruit Exporters (2010) (USD FOB and Volume (Kg)
    Confectionary Products
    Table 9: Exporters of Confectionary Products (2010) (USD FOB and Volume (Kg)
    Baked Products
    Snack Food
    Non-Alcoholic Beverages
    Table 10: Suppliers of Non-Alcoholic Beverages
    Alcoholic Beverages
    Table 11: Alcoholic Beverage Market (2010) by Category (%)
    Table 12: Top Wine Exporters (2010) (USD FOB and Volume (Kg)
    Dried Goods and Condiments
    Table 13: Dried Goods and Condiments
    Specialized Food Ingredients
    Chilean Agricultural Imports by Country and Product
    Table 14: Comparative Chilean Food and Agricultural Product Imports (US$)

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