Agricultural Machinery Market in Chile - February 2011
Agricultural Machinery Market in Chile - February 2011
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    Table of Contents

    Market Demand
    Table 1: Chile?s Main Agriculture and Aquaculture Exports 2009 (USD)
    Table 2: Annual Crop Acreage 2008-2011 (Hectares)
    Market Data
    Table 4: Agriculture Machinery Market 2008-2010 (USD Million)
    Best Prospects
    Key Suppliers
    Table 5: Main Countries of Origin of Agriculture Machinery Imports (2009, %)
    Table 6: Main Foreign Suppliers of Agricultural Machinery
    Prospective Buyers
    Wine Production
    Dairy Production
    Pisco Production
    Meat and Poultry Production
    Table 7: Main Importers of Agriculture Machinery Market Share 2009 (%)
    Market Entry
    Trade Events
    Resources and Key Contacts

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