Air Cargo Transportation in Mexico - November 2008
Air Cargo Transportation in Mexico - November 2008
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    Table of Contents

    Market Demand
    Table 1: Method of Cargo Movement in Mexico in 2006
    Table 2: Cargo Volume by Foreign Companies 2003 ? 2007 in Mexico (thousand tons)
    Market Data
    Table 3: Top Five Mexican Cargo Providers
    Table 4: Main Air Cargo Transport Companies Mexico in 2007 (Annual Volume (Tons)
    Table 5: A Sampling of Cargo Aircraft in Mexico by Company
    Table 6: Business Models in the Mexican Air Cargo Industry
    Airport Infrastructure
    Table 7: Percentages of Annual Air Cargo Volumes (kg) by Airport
    Map 8: Mexican Airport Infrastructure Projects through 2012
    Regional Dispersal
    Best Prospects
    Key Suppliers
    Market Entry
    Market Issues & Obstacles
    Trade Events
    Resources & Contacts
    Related Associations
    Mexican Government Resources

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