Pumps, Valves, and Compressors in Ecuador - November 2008
Pumps, Valves, and Compressors in Ecuador - November 2008
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    Table of Contents

    Market Demand
    Expectations and Trends
    Market Data
    Major Competitors - Countries
    Table 1: Pumps, Valves and Compressors Import Market Share by Country in 2007 (%)
    Source: Central Bank of Ecuador Trade Statistics
    Table 2: Top 10 Exporters of Pumps, Valves & Compressors to Ecuador in 2007 by Country (USD thousands)
    Local Production
    Trade Statistics
    Table 3: Imports of Pumps, Valves, & Compressors 2004-2007 (USD thousands)
    Table 4: Composition of Pump, Valve, and Compressor Imports (US$ thousands)
    Imports of Pumps, Valves and Compressors from the U.S.
    Ecuadorian Imports of Pumps, Valves & Compressors from the U.S. (US$ thousands)
    Best Prospects
    Table 5: Best Prospects for Pumps, Valves and Compressors
    Key Suppliers
    Prospective Buyers
    Market Entry
    Table 6: Applicable Tariff Rates
    Market Issues and Obstacles
    Trade Events
    Key Contacts, Associations, and other Resources

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