Floor Covering Industry in Germany - November 2008
Floor Covering Industry in Germany - November 2008
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    Table of Contents

    Market Overview
    Domestic Market
    U.S. Exports to Germany
    Table 1: U.S Flooring Sales to Germany 2007 by Category (%)
    Market Outlook
    Market Size
    Table 2: German Land Use: Living Accomodations vs. Commerce and Industry (km2)
    German Living Accommodations
    Table 3: European Comparison of Average Useable Floor Area Per Dwelling & Per Person (In M2)
    Table 4: European Comparison of Average Number Of Rooms Per Dwelling & Per New Dwelling
    Table 5: European Comparison of Age Distribution Of The Housing Stock (%)
    Table 6: European Comparison of Housing Consumption As A Share Of Total Household Consumption (%), 1980 -2005
    Parquet Floor Coverings
    Domestic Production
    U.S. Exports
    Table 7: Annual U.S Parquet Flooring Sales to Germany 1995-2007 (EUROS)
    Table 8: Monthly U.S. Parquet Flooring Sales to Germany 2007/2008 (EUROS)
    Competitive Situation
    Table 9: Major Players In The German Parquet Flooring Industry
    Textile Floor Coverings
    Domestic Market
    U.S. Exports
    Table 10: Annual U.S Textile Flooring Sales to Germany 1995-2007 (EUROS)
    Sales Channels
    Competitive Situation
    Table 11: Top Distributers Of Textile Floor Coverings
    Laminate Floor Coverings
    Table 12: World Wide Laminate Flooring Sales By German Companies 2006 & 2007
    Table 13: Comparison of U.S. and German Laminate Flooring Exports 2000-2007 (EURO)
    Competitive Situation
    Table 14: Major German Laminate Flooring Producers
    Cork Floor Coverings
    Table 15: Cork Flooring Sales in Germany in Millions of Square Meters 1990-2007
    Competitive Situation
    Table 16: Major Cork Flooring Suppliers In Germany
    Ceramic Floor Covering
    Table 17: Ceramic Flooring Sales in Germany 1995-2007 (EUROS)
    Elastic Floor Coverings
    Competitive Situation
    Table 18: Distribution Level of Major Elastic Floor Coverings Producers
    Table 19: Sales Trends for Elastic Flooring sold in Germany 2006-2007
    Table 20: Flooring Satisfaction Survey by Elastic Floor Covering Type
    Trade Opportunities
    Trade Shows
    Customs Tariffs
    Table 21: TARIC Import Duty Rates
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