Medical Device Market in the Czech Republic - October 2008
Medical Device Market in the Czech Republic - October 2008
    Code: 62800810
    Price: $85.00
    Table of Contents

    Market Demand
    Table 1: Expenditures on Health Services in the Czech Republic 1995-2006 (CZK per Inhabitant
    Market Data
    Table 2: Selected Medical Equipment Total Imports 2005-2007 (in $ thousands)
    Table 3: Selected Medical Equipment Total US Imports 2005-2007 (in $ thousands)
    Table 4: Selected Medical Equipment Total Exports 2005-2007 (in $ thousands)
    Table 5: Imports of Chirurgical, Medical and Dental Products (HS9018) 2007 (% by Country)
    Best Prospects
    Key Suppliers
    Local competitors
    Foreign competitors
    U.S. presence
    Prospective Buyers
    Table 6: Map with Location of Hospitals on 31.12.2006
    Market Entry
    Labeling and Marking Requirements:
    Market Issues & Obstacles
    Trade Events
    Resources & Key Contacts

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