Water and Wastewater in Malaysia - September 2008
Water and Wastewater in Malaysia - September 2008
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    Table of Contents

    Market Trend
    Table 1: Water Quality Trend of River Basin 1990 t0 2005
    Table 2: Designed Capacity vs Production (in MLD)
    Table 3: Calculated Non-Revenue Water 2005
    Table 4: Breakdown of Type of Discharge
    Table 5: Sewerage Development Plan (2006 -2035)
    Import Market
    Table 6: Development Expenditure And Allocation For Infrastructure And Utilities, 2001-2010 (US$ million)
    End Users Contact Information
    State Corporatized and Privatized Water Management Companies
    Market Access
    Market Entry
    Market Issues & Obstacles
    Trade Events
    Key Contacts
    Non-Government Organization In the Water Sector
    Water Regulatory Bodies in Malaysia