Water Supply And Wastewater Disposal in Germany - August 2008
Water Supply And Wastewater Disposal in Germany - August 2008
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    Table of Contents

    Table 1: Forms of Business Organization in Public Water Supply in 2005
    Table 2: Forms of Business Organization of Bodies Providing Wastewater Disposal in 2005
    Table 3: Development of Per-Capita Water Consumption 1991-2006
    Table 4: Comparison of Per-Capita Water Consumption at the European Level by Country
    Water Supply
    Table 5: Degree of the Population?s Connection to Public Water Supply by Country
    Sewage Systems
    Table 6: Degree of the Population?s Connection to the Sewage Network by Country
    Water Losses - Supply
    Table 7: Water Losses in the Public Drinking Water Network by Country
    Drinking Water Quality
    Table 8: Drinking Water Quality in 2001 by Country
    Wastewater disposal standards
    Table 9: Untreated Wastewater being Discharged into the Environment by Country
    Table 10: Connection of the Population to Municipal Sewage Treatment Plants by Country
    Investment and plant maintenance
    Development of Investments in Public Water Supply 1990-2005Table 11:
    Sewage sludge
    Table 12: Methods of Sewage Sludge Disposal in 2004
    Water and waste water end-user prices
    Major Water Industry Associations in Germany
    Major trade fairs

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