Bookselling Industry in the UK - August 2008
Bookselling Industry in the UK - August 2008
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    Table of Contents

    Table 1: Book Sales by Category (US $ billions)
    Market Data
    Table 2: The Forecast UK Booksellers? Market by Value at rsp* Current Prices ($B) 2007-2011
    Market Demand:
    Market Data and Segments
    Consumer Books
    Academic and Professional Books
    Table 3: Total UK Retail Book Market by Sector by Value at Current Prices ($M) 2002-2006
    Table 4: Value of U.S. Book Imports into the UK ($M)
    Bookstore Chains
    Best Prospects
    Key Suppliers
    Market Issues and Obstacles
    Book Rights
    Value Added Tax (VAT)
    Trade Events
    Resources and Key Contacts

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