Business Aviation Industry in Japan - August 2008
Business Aviation Industry in Japan - August 2008
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    Table of Contents

    Market Demand
    Market Data
    Business Aircraft Landings at Airports in Japan
    Table 1: Registered Aircraft Number of Landings 2000-2007
    Primary airports
    Table 2: JA Registered Aircraft
    Table 3: Foreign Registered Aircraft
    Primary JA-registered aircraft
    Table 4: Primary JA Business Aircraft
    Primary foreign-registered aircraft landing at airports in Japan
    Table 5: Number of Landings by Make of Aircraft
    Table 6: Departure countries of foreign-registered aircraft arriving in Japan 2006-2007
    Best Prospects
    Key Suppliers
    Aircraft manufacturers
    Table 7: Japanese Agents Of Major Business Jets Manufacturers
    Service providers
    Table 8: Japanese Business Aviation Service Companies Equipment And Parts
    Prospective Buyers
    Market Entry Strategies
    Market Access Issues & Obstacles
    Trade Events
    Resources & Key Contacts

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