Restaurant Equipment in Barbados - April 2005
Restaurant Equipment in Barbados - April 2005
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    Restaurant Equipment in Barbados
    Market Overview
    Table 1: Number of Rooms and Establishments by Type of Establishment, 2004
    Table 2: Hotel Rooms, Occupancy Rates and Tourism Earnings, 2002-2004
    Table 3: Long-Stay Arrivals, Cruise Passengers and Tourist Arrivals, 2002-2004
    Market Trends
    Import Market
    Table 4: Restaurant Equipment Overall Market (Values In US$ Millions)
    Duty Rates, Taxes, and Other Charges
    Table 5: Direct Imports Costs Template
    Table 6: % Market Share by Country
    End Users
    Market Access
    Market Entry
    Opportunities for Profile Building
    Upcoming Trade Shows